New Amazon Phishing Scam on the Rise

Quick warning – just read about a new phishing scam that targets Amazon customers. This one is a be advanced than the usual, designed in trick more people into handing over their private data to the scammers.

In this new Amazon scam you will receive an email which will look genuine. The email address will look a bit like an Amazon one, with a quick glance, and the email design and layout looks a lot like Amazon emails, with the Amazon logo included.

There are various different emails, the most ┬ácommon one is the “Your credit card has been declined”. The basic scam designed to encourage you to input your correct details.

What makes this scam more advanced is that the page that you are directed to looks so much like the real Amazon site. You are asked to input your login details and then update your credit card details.

Christmas is Season of Good Scamming

The phishing scam is on the increase at this time of year as the criminals rely on the fact that you possibly have recently placed an order on Amazon. So many people will buy at least one present on Amazon that by bombarding millions of people with this scam-mail they are likely to win a few credit card details.

How To Check The Email

Firstly, Amazon say that they will never send you an email to ask for you to update your credit card details. These details are checked when you place your order, you will not receive a mail a few days later.

Always check the email address. The only email addresses that you should trust are the ones that match the domain you are buying from. So for Amazon, the email address should be (or If there is anything else other than then be suspicious. For example this would be a fake email:

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  1. Is the comments page about mobiles no longer available? Am being redirected to a search page from my follow up emails links

  2. A similar situation was happening with Paypal as well I think. I received an email that was obviously not from them requesting updated info.

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