O2 Customers, be Careful – New Scam / Virus email

O2 bill scam virus emailJust had an email pretending to be from O2 informing me of a large monthly bill. The email:


Your O2 bill for 11/06/14 is now ready. You can look at your bill here.

In total, your bill for this month comes to ¬£356,87. We’ll request this amount from your chosen account on, or just after, the date in your bill.

Is your bill more than you were expecting ?
If so, here’s a few reasons why this might be:

You could have gone over the minutes, texts or data that’s in your allowance.
You could have called or sent texts to numbers that can’t be taken from your allowance such as International, 0800, 0845 numbers or directory enquiries.
You have used your phone for calls, text or data whilst abroad.
To view any charges outside your allowance click here

Best regards

O2 Payment

This email is sent from Telefónica UK Limited. Registered office:
260 Bath Road,Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX. Registered number: 9104398.
Please do not reply.

There are links in the email (I have removed them to protect you) which result in a download.

My bet is that the download is one of those nasty encryption viruses that are doing the rounds, although it could be anything. Definitely not good.

I am not an O2 customers so it was pretty obvious, but O2 customers might be fooled by it.

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