Preview Short URLs Before Clicking – Works with TinyUrl and the Rest!

I just got an email and the person sending it was promoting (spamming) a product but I was curious about what it was.

After my recent virus after opening a Google Alert email I did not want to look at the URL direct, so I Googled a solution

How To View TinyURL’s Without Visiting the Website

The solution is provided by There are some browser based URL lengtheners and TinyURL have a cookie thing that allegedly makes URLs long again, these require the URL to be on a webpage (mostly used for Twitter really). No good if you get one on an email.

Here is an example (using a TinyURL I just made, not the one that triggered this little bit of fun):

Long URL not only tells you where the short URL goes to, it displays each step along the way and provides a small image preview of the site.

The only criticism is that the preview is a bit too small to really work out what the site is about.

The URL I was emailed redirected first to a shopping cart, then to a tracking domain, and finally to an affiliate page for weight loss eBooks. I can only assume that the person sending the email either thought I would buy the product or give them some exposure on my own website.

Anyway, there you go. An excellent service.

Ideally Avast! or one of the other Anti-Virus outfits should provide something like this to check a URL before you visit. Now there is an idea!

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  1. That is not an alternative, it’s a URL shortening service. Does it preview short URLs?

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