Business Intelligence In Your Social Media and SEO Campaigns

business intelligence

Get To Know Your Customers Better With Real-Time Marketing Analysis

It will come as no surprise to many that tech-savvy companies are spending much of their marketing budgets on social media and SEO campaigns, rather than choosing more traditional methods of marketing such as focus groups or paper advertising.

Although social media and SEO (search engine optimisation) can offer a low-cost way of promoting a business organically, brands are still choosing to go the extra mile by putting their money into creating large and effective campaigns on the web. But, how can a company judge the results of their online efforts? This is where business intelligence can help.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is an analysis method that takes bulk raw data regarding online campaigns and quickly creates reports that allows a company to see a multitude of firm facts about the performance of their marketing. This enables brands to learn more about their customers and cater directly to their needs and interests, ultimately resulting in more sales and profit for the company.

Save time by using Business Intelligence

BI software largely removes the experimentation from a company’s marketing strategy. There is less of a need to use a trial and error approach to tempt your customers towards your brand when Business Intelligence will provide you with hard facts about your online customers and what they’re interested in.

Visual reports will help you understand information about click-through rates, keyword searches and what is ‘trending’ on the Internet, which enables you to quickly make changes to your social media conversations to suit your audience, resulting in more targeted traffic and sales.

It is also important to note that with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter being vital distributors of current news, Business Intelligence provides real-time reporting to keep abreast of the constantly shifting landscape of online information.

More basic online analytical tools tend to deliver much less regular and therefore less relevant facts. This means that you can continuously change and pinpoint your business strategies and online presence to suit the most current information you have available to you.

Get the most from your employees

Business Intelligence solutions also allow you to utilise your employees in a more efficient manner. Through no fault of their own, employees of a brand that only uses basic methods of web analysis can waste time working on campaigns that are no longer highly relevant to their customers.

Business Intelligence can potentially help to solve conflict between team members who have opposing ideas on which direction to take a campaign in, as the reporting will show where the profitable results are coming from and which topics are currently relevant on social media networks.

Cross-departmental disputes (read the post on cannibilisation to see how badly it can damage search) can also be minimised as the software is able to take data from different departments or areas of a campaign and merge them to offer a comprehensive overview of which topics are performing well for you across the search engines and social networks.

Move with the Internet

The Internet evolves daily and the winners in terms of profits will be the companies that choose to move with the times and get to grips with social media and search engine optimisation. Business Intelligence offers a way of ensuring that your brand does just that.

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