Google Finally Declares a Search Engine

Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, has now been with us for a couple of weeks. There has been a lot of excitement throughout the webmaster world. Will Bing rival Google? Will it be another dud search engine? Some people are reporting that Bing’s Webmaster Tools are actually better than Google’s. Some are saying that they are seeing good results in the SERP’s when looking for general information. However, it is still pretty poor for local search, and certainly no match for Google there at the moment.

However, what is the bog news today? Well, according to my logs, for which I use Google Analytics, until today (I think) visits from were classed as referrals. It was almost like Google was snubbing Bing, suggesting that it was not a search engine at all. But today I see that has now been promoted by Google Analytics to the heady heights of a Search Engine. Well done Bing, you have had your first victory!

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