SEO Tip: Sitemap Protocol using robots.txt

OK, I have now been messing about with website for almost two years, which really means that I am still a novice in this field, although a very keen novice that hopes to soon move on to apprentice level.

I have learnt a lot about SEO over the last couple of years. Mostly from the guys that used to hang out at Search Guild, plus from random readings around the net. In fact, only today I learnt a new SEO tip, which came straight from the horses mouth – the horse being Google UK, and the mouth being Chewy Trewhella, who was speaking to .net magazine.

His tip was concerning sitemaps. He was actually talking about how the major search engines are trying to agree a sitemap protocol, so that webmasters only need to build one sitemap file, rather than the many that are currently recommended by the different search engines.

Although this sitemap protocol has yet to be agreed, he did mention that the robots.txt file can be used to tell the search engines where the sitemap is, and this is done with:


How simple is that?

OK, I was going to go into detail about the various other SEO tips that I have learnt over the last couple of years, but now I think that deserves another post.

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