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Google Reveals the Chrome Operating System To All

Google has finally revealed the code of its Chrome operating system to the public. Chrome OS is an open source operating system, much like the Linux operating system. This essentially means that users do not have to purchase it, and there is no advertising built into it. More importantly, as it is open source, it is much easier for computer programmers to develop their own enhancements to the software.

Google Finally Annouces Chrome OS

Yes, after months weaiting for the big news to be released, Google have finally announced that the deskop / laptop / netbook operating system will be called Chrome OS, and it will be available soon.   Really we all new as soon as Google released Android that a pc operating system must have been in the…

Losing Internet Browser Connection on Windows Vista?

I posted a blog a while ago with a possible fix, which involved changing some registry settings to prevent the internet connection being dropped when Vista goes into sleep/hibernation mode. However, this did not work for me after all. After some more digging (there are tens of thousands of websites discussing the Vista internet problems)…