I am back

OK, been away from Webologist for a while, on other projects. I have learnt a lot more about websites over the last month or so, so will soon be ready to start providing some useful tips for all you budding web designers.

I think I will try to cover the following topics (making no promises though!):

1. ISP’s – a few tips on what to look for etc. when choosing a internet service provider.
2. Webhosts – What to look for with a webhost, what you need for a basic site, or for more complex and demanding sites.
3. Web design packages, why you don’t need to pay anything, plus tips on publishing photo albums for friends and family that look professional.
4. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – how to get you web page found on the web – being search engine friendly etc.
5. How to modify a blog for you page
6. How to build a wiki
7. How to install and set up a Forum
8. Um… and anything else I think of !
9. Pligg – the new open source Web2.0 CMS.



One Comment on “I am back”

  1. Wow, what happened to all these plans?

    Recently got to grips with WordPress, still use Drupal and now building a new business directory for Essex (Essex Portal) using Powerseek, which is the first Perl script I have ever handled.

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