BT Open Reach Scam Calls

This morning I had a call from a man claiming to be from BT Open Reach. He told me that there were problems with my internet, and he would help me fix them. I thought it was odd, and asked him to confirm where he was calling from, and he got a bit annoyed, saying “I just told you, BT Open Reach”. He then told me to “just quickly turn on your laptop and I’ll show you how to fix the problem”. Seems like the old Microsoft PC support scam is back.

I told him that if BT Open Reach had identified a problem with my internet, they should send an engineer – this is the response everybody should give them. Internet problems are not the same as PC problems – the only reason to access a computer would be to then access a router, but this “engineer” had already said he was going to show me the errors on the computer. It really is the same trick that they have been running for years.

The worst thing is, I think more people will fall for this one. People here in the UK are more likely to believe that BT are calling them than Microsoft. They are praying on vulnerable people who do not understand computers, and will no doubt scam many people out of thousands of pounds.

Top tip: If in doubt abour a BT Open Reach call, ask for a name and number, and then contact BT Open Reach direct to double check –




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  1. Ashamed to say I fell for this one until they mentioned a £400 refund and asked me to open my online banking. I then cut it off. But worry if my computer has been compromised.

  2. I received call this afternoon.From open reach problem with my router.I said I was with Virgin and they said they supplied Virgin with the broadband.They then transferred me to Virgin???The background noise was the same.I said I did not believe them and asked for a contract number they cut me off!!!!!

  3. I had a call today from an Indian caller saying he was from BT openreach & that hackers had implanted a virus that I needed to fix through my PC. BT aren’t even my service provider. He tried to hurry me into doing this straight away saying that all my files & personal details were insecure. He became quite rude and impatient and as I hung up threatened to cut my Internet. A nasty scam designed to pick on the vunerable.

  4. Just had an identical call from someone (I think from the Asian sub-continent going by the accents of the people I spoke with) stating that there were problems with my router and the engineers are currently working in the exchange to fix it and that I needed to give them access to my laptop to help them “fix it”. I was sceptical and the caller put me through to a “senior” technician who was also unable to tell me who my service provider was (not BT). He finished by saying that if I didn’t assist them I could lose my internet connection for the next 10-15 days! I said I was willing to risk that and would be contacting BT Ooenreach directly before allowing any access to my system and hung up. Pretty sure it is the same scam as outlined above. Will try and block the number to my phone or have it come up as BT Scam if they call again.

  5. An Indian lady phoned today saying she was from BT Openreach and that my internet number was changing and that there had been a hitch overnight which meant my line was no longer secure and that she would secure it for me. To which I replied ” No you won’t” and she disconnected the line.

  6. Sam seems to be up to no good again. Claiming to be from Open Reach and querying my poor broadband speed, he asked me to open Team viewer which I did. A moving graph appeared and he said the engineer was working to improve the speed. After much messing about he told me I was due for a refund of £299 due to poor speed and asked me to open my account details for the compensation. Naively I did and a refund if £1850 appeared on my screen. I said this was far too much and he then asked me to go to Tesco and buy 15 Apple I tune gift cards for £100 each to refund the over payment! I went straight to the bank, as by now the £1850 had vanished from my screen. I am not a whizz kid where computers are concerned and as I have just changed my account to BT and my broadband IS slow this was very plausible.

  7. I had a fall call from an Indian lady saying she was b t open reach I said oh yes and laugh to which she asked why I was laughing I said no idear she called me a silly bitch and rang off perhaps this is the answer to laugh at them
    And she left a number
    0161 737 7654

  8. I had the same call today (13 Nov 2017). They said that my router was not working properly and that they would help me to get better internet speeds by logging on to I said that I was not going to do that until I had called BT to check that it was not a scam. He put the phone down on me.

  9. I have had several calls over last few days ,one literally under an hour ago – two people( men with Indian accents) spoke on those calls, the other calls had no-one at the other end . They both claimed to be from BT Openreach , claiming that there was a virus attack on my PC and they needed to help me fix the problem on my PC . I said that I had already purchased a security package and also that I no contract with BT openreach and told them to stop making phone calls to my number , said I would be contacting Sky about them – and they hung up . I am sure these are scammers, never let any of these types of callers have access to your IT devices .

  10. This morning I got a call from a man claiming to be from BT openreach saying that engineers were working on the line and it might change the broadband signal he said he could help me to check my broadband signal if I went on my computer, it reminded me of a couple of calls I got a while ago claiming to be from Microsoft saying that my computer had been virused so like I did with them I said no thanks and hung up, I suggest anyone else who gets a similar call should do the same.

  11. I had a phone from a indian or Asian speaking man saying my broad band and router needed up-grading as their technicians were working oi also I was due for compensation of £249-00 and he wanted my bank details but I refused my laptop is being controlled by Cloud Account Administrator and he was extremely rude over the phone

  12. I need to know is this a scam or do these people represent B.T. as I have telephone and internet accounts with them

  13. Hi Frank, sounds very much like a scam. If BT say you need a new router, they will give it to you free. They are unlikely to pay you compensation. There is a compensation scam going on – they pretend to overpay you, e.g. say they accidentally paid you £2490.00 instead of £249, and ask you to pay them back the difference. But, you have not really been paid, and you just pay somebody £2.5k in a scam. They are always rude if you don’t comply.

    In reply to Michael – when will the BT and Police intervene? They won’t. These people are usually operating overseas and neither the police or BT have any control over it.

  14. I have had 5, yes 5 calls from them today, all very rude if you question them (BT and OUTreach follow protocol and have calls recorded so are trained not to be reactive), demanding I go to the computer now, and if I didn’t I would suffer the consequences of having my computers disrupted. I just laughed loudly down the phone on the last one, he hung up.

  15. I recieve about two phone calls a day from, so called, BT OpenReach scammers from India. In one today, I played along with him – he called himself James. I pretended to be a bit thick, but worried and complient. He asked me to open my computer, which I told him I had, although in fact hadn’t. He asked me what I could see on the screen, and I told him just the normal opening array of icons. He then told me he could see a naked girl dancing, and asked me if I could see the same, to which I answered, “No, but then I’m not a pervert, and obviously you are. The phone then went dead. I’m about to change my ISP, but will not be hooking up my landline phone to the new router, and not telling anyone my new number, relying only on my mobile phone for communication.

  16. I have received several of these calls. I just say that I do not give out any information on unsolicited calls.

    When I use callback on my landline phone, the numbers (which are always different) are London numbers (for example: 020 7622 4146; 020 8948 0431; etc). This goes to an automated reply that says: “Eagle Automation, please put in the extension number you require” (I think – it’s tricky to make it out the company name). Does anyone else know about this company/service?

    If they are using some automation service in London, it might be possible for the police to track it. Any idea how to block these?

  17. just had a call this morning from “open reach” saying there is a problem with my broadband and vulnerable to hackers everytime i log on. he then asked me to switch on my computer to check my security in place,at which point i hung up!

  18. Don’t even listen to this rubbish. If you are on BT have call protect on your account. When these unspeakable people ring hang up. Dial 1572. This is the BT call divert which will put the last number rung on the blocked call list.
    As there are a number of lines operating this scam you may get calls from a second or third scam line so repeat the operation.
    Civilised conversation with these people is useless.
    BT have call protect available for free so be ready to put their numbers onto blocked call list

  19. I had a scam call from BT internet and when I challenged him he called me a f@@@ing bitch and told me to go f@@ yourself – charming!!

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