Can You See the Rel Me?

This is a blog on a title. While chatting about the use or rel=”me” and rel=”author” (and also implementing it on my ) that classic old The Who song came to my mind, “The Real Me?”.

That was several hours ago now and I have totally failed to remove the song from my head. It is nagging at me. So, I thought that maybe a quick blog would help clear those old rockers from my brain. And here we are. Well, here I am, the rel me.

If you look carefully at the link above (and by look carefully I mean look at the HTML source code, not just lean closer to the screen) you will spot a┬árel=”author” stuck in there between the <a and the href=. That is that new Google thing which helps writers like myself tie their writing profiles together. Then on the about page itself is the rel=”me” which points to other sites where I write on a regular basis.

Being HTML markup it means that there are many places where you cannot use it at the moment, most notably in forums which use BB code. And this is where we come to those words that have been stuck in my mind since this morning (it is now 8.30pm). I asked the question, is there a BB code for rel=”me”? The answer is no, but apparently there is no reason why someone cannot code one for their forum, if they wanted to.

And now, The Who with The Real Me

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