G1 Android Crashed – Had to Do a Factory Reset

What a nightmare. A warning to all here:

Do Not Try To Upload Too Many Photos to Facebook At Once

I was attempting to upkload about 6 or 7 photos to Facebook from my phone and it just died on me. It got pretty hot, gave some memory warnings, then crashed. I tried rebooting but the keys were not responsive at all. I removed the battery to force a reboot but that did not help. It did not boot, never got beyond the Android logo on the boot up. So I eventually decided that a factory reset was the only option. In case you find yourself in this situation, this is what you do:

  1. Remove the battery again, then replace
  2. Hold Home Key and End key for 20 to 30 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1.
  3. Open the keyboard and press Alt+W until and chose factory reset
  4. Allow it to boot up. If you have no network then skip Google sign in
  5. Go to wireless settings and activate
  6. Open Gmail to force back into Google sign in

After doing this the Orange 3G seemed to then wake up. Gmail synched. Fortunately all the photos on my SD card are still there, factory reset does not erase those. But lost all the applications I used. No idea what state the phone is in, I guess I need to upgrade to the latest version now… will check.. ok, things I need to do after a factory reset:

  1. Create a new screen lock code
  2. Switched off GPS satellites (to save battery)
  3. Changed the background and tidied up the desktop – including removing that silly clock
  4. Now trying to remember what apps I had …..
  5. Version is 1.6 – this is the latest version. I was expecting it to revert to the original one. That is clever….
  6. Hmmmm, I know I had a lot of apps, but what did I really need? Hmmmm….. will not install anything until I need one. Maybe the Facebook one, that resulted in the phone dying…

OK, althought uploading photos to Facebook killed my phone I am sure it is not Facebook’s fault, want to make that clear before someone complains. Once, during the Londong G20 Riots, I tried to send about 5 photos by email and the phone kept dying then. In that situation it was overheating then rebooting, and then also running out of battery. Even when connected to my monitor by USB it was running out of battery before sending all the mails. Odd. No memory problems then, but maybe all the messages on the phone and applications slowed it down. Maybe I will experiment with sending lots of photos again on a clean phone. Hmmm, do I still have my SMS messages?

No. Lost all messages. Oh dear. What did I lose?

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  1. I click the update on my G1 and then it crashed. Now I have is horizonal red, green, blue and white screen with the message:

    DREAM100 PVT 32B

    Sep 2 2008


    I tried to press: Alt+W

    It always came to the above screen.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  2. Sorry Chris, I really know nothing about that phone. Try Android Bloke or maybe this is the solution:


    simms22 says “you need to find the DREAIMG.NBH file, put it on you sd card, then power the phone up.” and then provides a download in the next message. Although it did not work for the person in this case.

    Another option, maybe, is try to boot it while holding the home and power buttons – this may also force reset it. You will lose any messages etc, and have to re-sync contacts etc. No guarantee it will work though!

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